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Using Influencers to promote your business

About this course

The number of influencer marketing campaigns being used by brands is on the rise. Predicted to be a £10 billion pound industry by the end of the year, influencers are continuing to help brands connect with their consumers.

Influencers spend their time creating content and building a legion of loyal followers, sharing many aspects of their lives. Now, brands are using influencer marketing campaigns as a way to boost their brand. This Toppa Tips course will give you an insight into Influencer Marketing and how you can utilise Influencers to scale and grow your business.

Throughout this course you will cover the following learner outcomes:

What is Influencer Marketing?

Why does your brand need influencers?

Think about the audience

What defines an influencer for your brand?

Give your influencer an image

Where to look for your ideal influencer

You have found them, now what?

Compensate influencers

Wrap up

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