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Macros and VBA for Beginners

About this course

In this short, introductory course we teach you how to create your first Macros and edit them using the Excel programming language, VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).

We start by giving a basic overview of Marcos and then show you how to create simple and more complex Marcos that could save you time every day. After that, we move on to some VBA basics and how to edit and debug Macros. Finally, we look at creating a Macro from scratch using VBA and how to create a custom Macro ribbon.

This course includes follow-along instructor files so you can immediately practice what you learn. This is an advanced level Excel course, an intermediate knowledge of Excel is required to get the most from this course.

In this course you will learn:

Examples of Excel Macros

What is VBA?

How to record your first macro

How to record a macro using relative references

How to record a complex, multi-step macro and assign it to a button

How to set up the VBA Editor

All about VBA Code

How to edit Macros in the VBA Editor

How to fix issues with macros using debugging tools

How to write your own macro from scratch

How to create a custom Macro ribbon and add all the Macros you’ve created

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