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Brand Essentials by Naeem Alvi

About this course

Naeem Alvi is the Founder of Notepad Studio, a successful branding agency in Birmingham UK. Naeem shares his extensive knowledge of all things brand in this course. Naeem covers areas such as:

What is Branding?

Why does branding drive growth?

Insights from Business Leaders

Crafting your brand strategy

Articulating your brand

Defining your tone of voice

Crafting your story and bringing it to life

Creating your brand identity

Managing your brand

Launching your brand & measuring success

Notepad is an independent branding agency which accelerates growth through brand, culture, and design.

Naeem and his team have worked with some of the biggest brands in the universe, but what excites them most is working with people who aren’t afraid to rethink what’s possible. They partner with those who embrace change. Ambitious startups. Growing SMEs. Market leaders. People with the vision and guts to challenge the status quo. It’s not enough to have a great product anymore. To scale up, you need bold strategy, inspired creativity, and a brand that delivers clear return on investment. Enrolling ion this course will give you the foundations to start building a strong a reputable brand.

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