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Advanced Formulas in Excel

About this course

If you want to master Excel, you need to know how formulas work together to accomplish complex tasks. In this Advanced Formulas in Excel course, we focus on a set of Excel formulas and tools that enable you to perform complex tasks and analysis.

We start by looking at how to filter a dataset and sort using formulas. After that, we look at how to create multi-dependent drop-down lists, 2-way lookups, text extraction, dynamic chart titles and so much more! We end by looking at how to use XLOOKUP.

This course includes follow-along instructor files so you can immediately practice what you learn. This short course is not for Excel beginners. You will need an intermediate knowledge of Excel to get the most from this course.

In this course you will learn how to:

Filter a dataset using a formula

Sort a dataset using formulas and defined variables

Create multi-dependent dynamic drop-down lists

Perform a 2-way lookup

Make decisions with complex logical calculations

Extract parts of a text string

Create a dynamic chart title

Find the last occurrence of a value in a list

Look up information with XLOOKUP

Find the closest match to a value

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