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365 careers – MBA in a Box

About this course

This comprehensive course will enable you to fully understand what you need to do when starting your own business. The course will help you to understand how to:

Start up your own business

Grow your existing venture

Take your career to the next level

Get promoted and apply managerial, financial, marketing, decision-making and negotiation skills in the real business world

Have an all-around view of why some companies (and people) succeed when doing business and why others do not

This course is jam-packed with the same useful information and real-life case studies MBA graduates acquire throughout their training in top-tier business schools.

If you are a complete beginner and you know nothing about business or finance, don’t worry at all! In each of the five main modules of the course, we will start from the very basics and will gradually build up your knowledge. The course contains plenty of real-life examples and case studies that make it easy to understand.

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Set your business up for success

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