Business Essentials 15-Step Course


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Starting a new business? We’ve pooled together the experiences of Toppa’s team of veteran instructors to give you everything you need to set yourself up for success.


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Toppa’s business essentials course has been created, vetted and approved by our team of world class instructors, who collectively have added over £100m to the UK’s business economy. This isn’t just theory with no action. It’s all born out of our real experiences in building and scaling multiple ventures in multiple industries.

15 modules covering everything from embracing an entrepreneurial mindset to scaling up your idea.

1: Know yourself as an Entrepreneur before you start

2. Coming up with your business idea

3. Research your business idea

4. Test your business idea

5. Create a business model canvas

6. Registering a business

7. Setting up finances, accounting and tax

8. Protecting your business

9. Create a brand and identity for your business

10.Buying the business essentials

11.Funding your business

12.Creating a sales and marketing strategy

13.Building a team for your new business

14.Starting a business in your spare time

15.Launching and making your first sale

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Wide range of content

Wide range of content

A huge range of the best video, audio and animated courses specifically created to develop your skills and help you succeed in business.

Expert instructors

Expert instructors

A vibrant community of proven expert instructors, meaning you can learn from the very best in the business.

Unlimited access

Unlimited access

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Mapped to global MBA Syllabuses

Mapped to global MBA Syllabuses

Toppa and our instructors use the best MBA syllabuses from around the globe to help structure our courses

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Toppa perks

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Just £9.99 per month

Just £9.99 per month

It is just £9.99 a month for a Toppa membership. Full access to all courses. No hidden costs.